Some of Trevor's other activities

Trevor started out in the modeling business by producing his own book (co-written with Rachel Braverman) entitled So You Want To Be A Model. First released in 1992 and having sold more than 10,000 copies the book is highly regarded as a reference manual and valuable source of information for prospective models. In response to continuing demand, by clicking on the picture at left you can download an updated and condensed version of the book for free! (approx 3MB .pdf file)

As mentioned on the 'profile' page, Trevor has a degree in aerospace engineering from Imperial College, London. He is proud to have been appointed the International Representative of the Israeli Air Force Museum located at Hatzerim, Beersheva - about 90 minutes drive from Tel Aviv and a must-see for all visitors to Israel! The Museum is home to more than 100 aeroplanes, helicopters, missiles, etc all of which have seen active service and which trace the history of the State of Israel.

Trevor is co-Chairman of the Strategic Dialogue Centre based at Netanya Academic College, Netanya, Israel. The SDC offers solution-driven initiatives to resolve regional conflict based on the wealth of experience of its Board members that include Mikhail Gorbachev (former Soviet President), F W De Klerk (former South African President), Ehud Barak (former Israeli Prime Minister), and other leading politicians, academics, prominent businessmen and security experts.