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Trevor Spiro is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for portrait and fashion photography. This website illustrates some of his work; clicking on 'More' at the left hand side of this page provides an insight into some of his other interesting activities.

Trevor's first book entitled So You Want To be A Model was published in 1992 and even today is still considered a reference source of impartial information for those considering a career in modelling - an updated and condensed version of this book may be freely downloaded by clicking on 'More' which will direct you to the link. His second book Girls which he both styled and photographed is available as an e-book. His subjects are some of the world's most beautiful women, most being everyday people (not models) whom he happens to meet by chance in shops, cafés, restaurants and airport lounges! For Trevor, beauty is in the subject's personality, not just in her looks.

Trevor adpots an unusual 'freestyle' approach to photography. Rather than posing or even directing his subjects, he places them in an environment where they feel comfortable and then gets them to react in a totally natural way to their surroundings. The basis of this approach is 95% psychology and 5% photography. Almost invariably, at first the subject does not know what to do and seeks direction, but progressively becomes immersed in his or her feelings such that the act of photography becomes unnoticed. This is a unique approach to photography in which reaction, emotion, and 'the moment' take precedence over everything else, and explains why Trevor's photographs have been so widely praised for their variety and spontaneity whilst remaining natural.

In the early 1990's he founded Assassin Model Management and the highly regarded Scene Magazine (which in latter years he also edited) described by the renowned photographer David Bailey as the world's best fashion magazine after Italian Vogue. Trevor maintains that Scene's reputation was down to his dedicated and loyal team, not to himself.

Trevor is a Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society, a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, and has a BSc degree in aerospace engineering from Imperial College, University of London. He also studied holography (3-dimensional imaging with lasers) at the Royal College of Art under the direction of world famous Graham Saxby. A former columnist for Professional Photographer magazine, he has won many competitions including the Olympus International Salon in 1996. In May 2004 he won a prestigious award from the International Society of Poets for his poetry which has since been published in the United States and Europe. Trevor has also lectured on the topic of fashion and psychology at many of the top British universities. A successful exhibition of his photographs entitled A Deeper Breath was held in Budapest in November 2009 followed by a second event in February 2010 - Midnight Inspiration - that attracted 800 guests.

A passionate drummer since the age of three, Trevor plays a nine-piece Yamaha Maple drum set custom built for him as well as a Roland TD-30KV electronic kit. His biggest inspiration is the music of Miles Davis and the photography of David Bailey.

Trevor spends several weeks of the year in his true 'emotional' home of Tel Aviv, Israel where he is involved in some interesting activities that can be found by clicking on 'More' at left.

All photographs copyright Trevor Spiro 1990 - 2016

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